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Our friends Scott & Al at the Olsen Group are doing sales trainings hosted by the Beaverton Chamber, free for members, $5 for attendees. Twice a month on Wednesday mornings for the next 3 months.


They're early in the morning (7:30 am), but if you need a jumpstart on sales skills/efforts, it can't hurt. We will take the MAX up together, if you'd like to join us, meet at Old Town NedSpace (117 NW 5th) at 6:40 am. We'll take the 6:53 am Blue Line MAX.


We'll have sales-entrenched conversations both on the MAX ride there and back as well, so if you need some creative inspiration on all things revenue, please feel free to come along.

Official Website: http://www.beaverton.org/chamber/committies/businesmattersseriesinfo.html

Added by PortlandTen on November 2, 2009