1125 SW 19th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97205

Come on out for the second Portland social media event. We had such a dang good time at the last one that we though, heck, let's have one more gig before this fine year comes to a close. Chris Heur of the Social Media Club is coming up from San Francisco to hang, talk blogs, podcasting and all the cool things we want to do in 2007. Chris is connecting social media groups all over the world. So it's a cool chance to talk, get excited, drink beer/beverage, and take a part in universal efforts to spread the social media love.

This is a free event at the Fehrenbacher Hof. The folks at the Hof are really pulling out the stops. Great people, great spot. See y'all there.

Official Website: http://portlandsocialmedia.com/2006/11/28/december-5th-meeting-information/

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We should create a group or whatever here on upcoming, so we can have a feed of all of our events. Could embed it in the portlandsocialmedia.com website or something.


Great idea, there is a Portland Podcasting Group...though we need a Portland Social Media one. Awwwwesome.


Here's the shiny new page for the Portland Social Media Club Group page: http://upcoming.org/group/2449/




And if you guys can do me a favor and post any photos you take on Flickr into the Social Media Club group...that would be great. http://www.flickr.com/groups/27148944@N00/.

And maybe, just for kicks - add them into the Portland Social Media Club Flickr group too...http://www.flickr.com/groups/portlandsocialmedia/.

Got all that? :()


kristie, for sure!


See you at the Fehrenbacher Hof!


I have a call with Asia from 6-7, but I'll try to stop by afterwards!


Thanks to everyone that showed up!