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Jeff Paries: Procedural Animation in Microsoft Silverlight

Jeff Paries is the lead Silverlight developer with Waggener Edstrom Worldwide, a leading integrated communications company. Jeff has a strong background in 3D graphics and animation and is also an accomplished author and instructor in that area — he has authored several books and numerous magazine articles related to 3D.
An early adopter of Silverlight, Jeff’s interests lie in developing animation concepts and methodologies within Silverlight. As a developer with design experience, Jeff’s mission is to help bridge the gap between design and development. His latest book, “Foundation Silverlight 3 Animation” works to further this goal through a scenario-based approach.

TOPIC: Procedural Animation in Microsoft Silverlight
Come and see how trigonometry and trigonometric functions can help us create movement in Microsoft Silverlight. Trigonometry is the study of how the angles and lengths of sides of triangles relate to one another, and is quite useful in programming Silverlight applications.
We'll talk about how to apply trigonometry within Silverlight to create free-form rotations, calculate the distance between objects, use Sine curves to create oscillating movement, and more. The math will be demonstrated in a scenario-based approach in order to make it easier to understand, even if you slept through math class.

Warmup - Smooth Streaming w/ VideoRx
At the beginning of the meeting (6pm) Robert Reinhardt, co-author of the Microsoft Expression Blend 2 Visual Quickstart Guide and the Flash Bible series, will present his latest online encoding service, This service makes it easy to compress your video content at the highest quality and lowest file size. analyzes your uploaded source video and delivers the best compression for your content. can also create adaptive streaming content for Silverlight Smooth Streaming for playback on devices and the web.

6:00 p.m. Pizza (by Vertigo)
6:30 p.m. Presentation
~9:00 p.m. Afterwards at TBD

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