117 NW 5th Ave, Suite 210
Portland, Oregon 97209

The Portland Lunch 2.0 saga continues at OpenID provider Vidoop in Old Town on May 28, 2008. Good news if you made it to eROI in April, Vidoop is in the same building, with a different entrance.

Lunch 2.0 is a Valley phenomenon that you can read about here.

We're putting a PDX stamp on it. So come check it out and expect to hear about your favorite Interwebs meme, bacon from Scott Kveton.

Come one, come all, whether geek or not. Have some lunch on Vidoop, mix and mingle with your fellow Portlanders, learn about the tech scene in Portland, go home or back to work happy and full.

Official Website: http://www.lunch20.com/2008/05/05/vidoop-to-host-portland-lunch-20/

Added by Jake Kuramoto on May 5, 2008



I'm looking forward to my (first time) Lunch 2.0
Buzz (buzz[at]ipns.com)

Jake Kuramoto

Added to Calagator (thanks to Audrey and Greg for suggesting and helping).

Other ideas on where to promote, must be free and ideally easy.

Eva Cat Herder

I have a conflict that day, which bums me out because I really enjoy Lunch 2.0. Next time I will be more diligent about getting it on my calendar before I fill all of my time.


Hi everyone I did a blog post with some more info about the event.

We are expecting a fair number of people so please RSVP so we can order food accordingly, we cant be running out of bacon, that dog wont hunt!


Looking forward to my first Lunch 2.0 Hoping to meet great people and learn alot


Super Sad I'm going to miss it. Kveton, there is some force in the universe that prevents me from your events when you're offering bacon... It's not fair. Pour one out for me.

Eddie Awad

Too bad I cannot make it this time. I have a conflict on my calendar, but I'm already looking forward to the next Lunch 2.0. Have fun everyone!


Andy and I will come to talk smack about http://concrete5.org


bummer...first PDX Lunch2.0 that I'll miss :(