107 SE Washington Street, Suite 520
Portland, Oregon 97214

This will be the first Lunch 2.0 in Portland, and AboutUs.org has graciously offered to host it.

Lunch 2.0 is a Valley phenomenon that you can read about here.

Let's put our own Portland spin on it. Watch this space for details as they emerge.

Official Website: http://www.lunch20.com/2008/02/07/portland-chapter-launches-at-aboutusorg/

Added by Jake Kuramoto on January 25, 2008



I'd love to come, but it looks like I have yet another conference conflict. :(


awesome...can't wait

Paul B

I like the idea of putting a PDX spin on it!

Jake Kuramoto

Now accepting ideas on how to put the PDX spin on it. Make it greener, crunchier, what?


Jake - granola for lunch (definitely crunchier) Just kidding :-)

Jake Kuramoto

Maybe our take is open to all, like Raven's PDX en fuego, rather than focusing on just techs.

Silicon Florist has a thread going.

PMS Batgirl

Wish I could come but I'll be in SF at the Game Developers Conference. :(


Should be fun - I'll be there.

Jake Kuramoto

Had to close the guestlist. Went over to AboutUs today, and it looks like they can fit 60 people max. Not bad news, since it shows demand. We'll need to keep these events coming, in larger venues.

Jake Kuramoto

For those wondering, AboutUs, as the host, provides the lunch part for your enjoyment. No brownbags required. Just mingle and network.


very nice,i like it

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