1332 W Burnside St
Portland, Oregon 97209

Portland's next lindy exchange is around the corner. More quirk, more creativity, more stuff.
Why do you go to lindy exchanges?
We hope it's so you can meet the locals, see what they love, and what drives them. What makes them click. What makes them dance. We're keeping it green this year. As the most sustainable and second greenest city in the nation (we lost to Philadelphia?!), we're committed to showing off Portland stuff. And when we need a little more, Pacific Northwest stuff.
What's new this time around? Eleven freaking bands. We've got our sights set high and we've got plans to deliver no less than three bands at each evening dance. With that kind of musical bombardment, you'll leave knowing what kinds of gypsy, trad, swing, and yes, blues we have to offer.
The Crystal Ballroom has been a perennial favorite in years past. We have it locked down for Saturday and Sunday evening. We're renting the Tiffany Ballroom this year for Friday. One of the favorites from MezzJelly/Portland , you'll get to dance in a room with 30 foot ceilings and a massive floor. You'll have enough room for all of your feet, elbows, and disco/trucking finger.
Block us out in your calendar (it was March 7-9) you're wanted here.

Official Website: http://portlandlx.com/

Added by bobthecow on February 19, 2008