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This month's topic: Java Performance Testing with Project Bonneville

Project Bonneville is Chris Cowell-Shah's evenings-and-weekends open source project for measuring the performance of certain core Java SE features. Chris will review the results of these benchmarks with an eye to addressing the following questions:

# How does performance vary across JVM vendors?
# How does performance vary across JVM versions?
# How does performance vary across operating systems?
# How does the performance of 1.4 features differ from their 1.5+ replacements?
# How true are commonly held assumptions about Java performance?
# Can we generate simple rules of thumb for high-performance Java SE programming?

There will also be a short discussion of the tradeoffs between micro- and macro-benchmarks. Because this is a work in progress, comments and observations about Project Bonneville's benchmarking methodology, or suggestions for future benchmarks, are especially welcome.

Chris promises a LOLCAT-free presentation, though there may be a slide or two of his kids.


Speaker: Chris Cowell-Shah

Chris does quality assurance for Oracle's Java-based Rules engine. He has also worked as an IT consultant for Accenture, and as a researcher for Accenture's Palo Alto research and development lab. He studied computer science and philosophy, and is always on the lookout for points of intersection between the two. http://www.cowell-shah.com/


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