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This month's topic: Google App Engine

Google App Engine lets you run your web applications in Google's datacenters. This presentation will focus on App Engine's Java runtime. We'll cover developer tools, the datastore, and core platform services. In addition, we'll discuss how to call third party web services from within the App Engine environment.


Speaker: Sean Sullivan

Sean Sullivan is a software engineer specializing in mobile applications, web service development, and supply chain management systems. Sean is an Apache Software Foundation committer and has contributed to various open source projects, including the OAuth Java library.


PJUG meetings start with some time to eat and socialize (pizza and beverages are provided), followed by the featured speaker, then Q&A, discussion, sometimes a drawing to give away swag. :)

Though we like knowing how many people to expect, you don't *have* to RSVP, on Upcoming or otherwise. Go ahead and just show up!

Many people also go for a drink and further discussion following the meeting, at a location determined ad hoc (lately, the Market Street Pub at 10th and Market: http://mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc=24 ).

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