NW Park and Everett
Portland, Oregon

Dates and Times

Friday July 18 4pm-10pm
Saturday July 19 12pm-10pm
Sunday July 20 12pm-7pm


Beer drinkers pay $20 for 10 beer tickets and official PIB glass.
More tickets available for $1 each
All beers are 4oz. servings
Each beer costs 1, 2, or 3 tickets depending on "swank factor"

Re-Entry Policy

Same-Day: Free
(must have glass & wristband. NO exceptions)

Fair Warning

With this many great beers, it’s hard to keep them all in stock
throughout the weekend. Please come early to avoid missing
out on the Best of the Fest. Selections may be limited on
Sunday. There are no refunds for unused tickets or because
certain beers are out of stock. If we are out of your favorite
beer, it is most likely because Jack Hooley drank it all.

Free darts, chess, checkers and backgammon!

Official Website: http://www.seattlebeerfest.com/Index2%20PIB.htm

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