709 SW 15th Ave
Portland, Oregon

3 Days of Dancing and 3 days of Classes
+1 Unofficial Night of Dancing

We're giving you more of what you loved last year: all in one venue, 30 minute breaks between classes, free coffee all day and all night long, your favorite instructors, great DJs, and uninterrupted social dancing! Learn to dance and combine and experience the passion of blues, west coast, slow lindy, soul, and argentine tango — all in one event!*

* $175 for All 3 Days
* $25 Student Discount
* Huge Early Bird Discounts online
* Referral Discounts at the Door


Fusion is the combination of dances in such a way that allows dancers to use all the techniques, connections, and movements of many dances (in particular swing and blues, or blues and tango, or west coast and blues). This is a constant communication from lead to follow (and vice versa) that uses the dancers' knowledge of more than one dance to flow from one dance to another (i.e. leading a boleo inside a blues song, a blues follow would never loosen her leg and swing it around like in a boleo) within a song/dance.


* Bill Borgida (Austin, TX) - Classic Blues
* Mihai Banulescu (San Francisco, CA) - Blues, Tango, Fusion
* Andrew Sutton (Sacramento, CA) - Just Dance
* Lucky Skillen (NYC) - Blues, Hip Hop
* Lessa Thieme (Seattle, WA) - Blues, Hip Hop
* Brenda Collins (Portland, OR) - Blues
* Ben Long (Portland, OR) - Micro Blues, Fusion
* Jason Isbell & Trina Siebert (Portland, OR) - West Coast, Fusion
* Jeremy & Karissa Lightsmith (Seattle, WA) - Team Building & Partnering, Blues, Fusion
* ...and more to come!

* This event is geared towards persons with some prior exposure to dance, particularly one or more forms of swing-related dances. All dancers are welcome!

Official Website: http://www.portlandfusionexchange.com/

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