12375 Sw 5th St
Beaverton, Oregon 97005

We are holding an informal employment workshop with the outcome to help each of you you rapidly acquire info, skills, strategies, or an overall approach that will help you be more successful in meeting your immediate and longterm employment goals.

Format-- an informal 2-hour task-based workshop, perhaps next Saturday 6/6 from10 am-12 pm, to thinktank jobhunting strategies and help each of you to formulate an aggressive search approach so you can get some opportunities lined up, depending on your current employment status and what you're looking for.
Topic ideas:
Learning new ideas besides Craig's List for looking for work.

Ideas on starting up a small company

Doing an "unemployment startup."

Furthering studies in an area that makes sense

Knowing someone on the inside is the best way to get a job right now. How do you combat that when you don't know someone inside the company?

Discussions on resumes

Advice for either seeking a quality job or helping several guys trying to make a go of starting a company

I want to formulate an aggressive plan.

I also want to discover why my current applications are seemingly ignored.

How my career history might hinder my ability to find an ideal job.

Also, if you have recently been laid off or are possibly going to be laid off, and qualify for unemployment and are interested in starting a business, let's visit-- there is a self-employment program through the state of Oregon that you may qualify for.

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