Pacific First Center Building 851 SW Sixth Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97204

The first meeting of the Portland Data Visualization Group will serve as an introduction to what’s going on in the world of data viz. It will be freeform, so if you would like to demonstrate something you’re working on, please be prepared to do so.

If you’re interested in Data Visualization, please come to this event. It will be the first Portland Tech Event at WebTrends besides Web Analytics Wednesday. It’s our chance to try out the space and see if it is a good fit for this group or potentially for other groups in the future.

Please E-mail [email protected] if you'd like to demonstrate what you or your group have been working on. Else, just bring it by and we'll all take a look at it.

• Micah Elliott will be showing uGraph
• Ed Borasky will do a GGobi demo
• Derrek Wayne will be presenting a next generation Twitter client
• Bram Pitoyo will give an introduction to data mapping the entire web through
• Amber Case will cover what tools and methodologies already exist in the ecosystem, and what might become useful in the future
• Matthew Clarke of ISITE Design will be presenting a project that deals with data visualization of XML/XHTML documents

Google Group:
Ed Borasky recently started a Google group called pdx-visualization. As the name implies, it is a group for Portland-area people interested in languages and techniques for visualization of data.

Official Website:–8pm/

Added by Bram Pitoyo on March 19, 2009