The Colonnades, Albert Dock,
Liverpool, England L3 4AA

Port of Culture is a 3 week exhibition featuring stunning, dramatic and unique imagery of Liverpool. It is an extension of a project I have been running for over 3 years called Vanilla Days. It's a photographic site featuring a new image each day. I have been using this site to document Liverpool over the past few years from key events to cityscapes to simple images of life on the street. Port of Culture is a showcase of the best images featuring dramatic scenes from protests to classic local architecture. I wanted to show people that Liverpool is more than just 2008. The idea behind the name is basically that Liverpool's new import / export is culture. The city was once a huge port and while that may have dwindled the city's level of culture has grown. 2008, as the Capital of Culture, means that we're now exporting everything that has made Liverpool great all over Europe. Our music, architecture, art, and people are all being exported for people to see. Liverpool is now a port of culture. The exhibition couldn't have been held at a better location, the Albert Dock. A once popular dock back in its day and now a great place for artists to exhibit and perform. This exhibition is my contribution to 2008, my way of showing how great Liverpool is as the year starts.

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