992 Valencia Street @ 21st
San Francisco, California 94110

The PornOrchestra flushes in the warm embrace of Other Cinema

$6 includes free champage [waynecoyne]c'mon everybody[/waynecoyne]

Aurora (vocals)
Jeff Hobbs (reeds, brass and strings)
Thomas Scandura (drums)
David Slusser (slussomatic)
Bill Wolter (electric guitar)
plus surprise guests

More appropriately, this is Other Cinema's big night: the DVD release party for the cleverly curated Xperimental Eros. The DVD includes "bonus" material of the PornOrchestra Chamber Ensemble's live rescore of a couple of vintage stag films they dropped off at 21 Grand last spring http://www.thewrongelement.com/pornorchestra/20070311/index.html or
check out the even bonusier stuff they rejected at

And the ensemble is making itself, you know, available to Other Cinema throughout the night should it have additional needs.

here's our standard blurb:

The PornOrchestra is an attempt to radically reinterpret the soundtrack to pornographic film. The equivalent of a circus band with its collective eye on the trapeze artist: the PornOrchestra teases out the thrill, amplifying the collective gasp at pornographic triumph -and tragedy- using the most eclectic and creative musical minds working in the Bay Area today.

True to the adage: it's not the size of your pencil it's how you write your name, the small PornOrchestra Chamber Ensemble (a potent 10% of the legendary Orchestra) is comprised of ingenius improvisers who bring exemplary musicianship and an awful case of the jitters to each pornorchestral scoring, keeping one eye on the sensitive gesture of the conductor while craning their necks to see what the audience cannot escape.

Some savvy, or do we mean sick, fans of the PO have realized that the project is divesting of its assets at every increasingly rare performance. Audience members will be invited to select a discreet brown paper-wrapped memento mori from the PO crate of pornographic cannon fodder. Does this mean the project is packing it in? Perhaps, but it really means that the overstock of in-kind source material crying out for radical rescore has overtaken the project coordinator's house, creating a new liability post-search warrant that would likely lead to additional charges, gnome sayin?

Official Website: http://pornorchestra.com

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