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The I Just Listen and Listen and Listen and Listen and Listen and Listen to the Music Show:
One Film, 12 Minutes, Infinite Scores

A reunion of the PornOrchestra Chamber Ensemble at the behest of Other Cinema, who wish to use the results of this performance in a product.

We've been commissioned to score a (vintage) porno.

And this is your chance to watch how we do it.*

The PornOrchestra Chamber Ensemble is
Aurora vocals
Myles Boisen electric guitar
Jeff Hobbs reeds, brass and strings
Tom Scandura drums
David Slusser slussomatic
plus surprise guests

*Well, if you're 18 years old or older, that is. Vintage porno scoring includes one 12-minute black and white silent film and myriad episodes of squinting, rewinding, discussion, repetition, argument, unwelcome puns, repetition, vacant and protracted silences, doomed ideas, brilliance not captured due to technical difficulty, frequent breaks, snarky asides, caterwauling, heart-felt melodies created spontaneously by clinical strangers, repetition, adult beverages combined with desserts, never a good idea, and more rewinding. Audiences must be able to sit quietly without interfering in our, you know, process. Applause is not permitted. No unwelcome touching.

Official Website: http://www.pornorchestra.com

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