10 Rogers Campground Rd
Lancaster, New Hampshire 03584

WHAT: PorcFest '06 is the third annual Free State Project gathering in New Hampshire. It's open to anyone interested in freedom or the Free State Project.

WHEN: June 23 - July 1, 2006. You don't have to attend all days, but we'd love to have you!

WHERE: Most of the festival will be held at Roger's Campground, in Lancaster, NH. Here are directions. Some events will be off-site.

WHO: All liberty lovers (especially Porcupines!) are encouraged to attend and invite their friends and neighbors.


1) Build camaraderie with fellow Porcupines
2) Get to know and love NH
3) Learn how to make the transition to living there, including tips from those who have made the move
4) Increase your activism capability with motivational speakers and activism training with which you can help build the FSP and promote freedom no matter where you live
5) Learn more about the FSP and get a personal look at what's going on in NH

PRICE: There is no admission charge for PorcFest '06 although some extra-curricular activities may have a small charge. For those who do not stay at Roger's Campground, there is a small daily entrance fee charged by Roger's.

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There is now an 'official' RSVP form at the FSP website.