2170 Market Street
San Francisco, California 94114

The Porch Light Series works from a universal truth: open mikes are bad choices for first dates. A night of wobbly voices, untuned acoustic guitars, unfunny stand-up comedy, and unending fiction pieces could end even the strongest of relationships, let alone a fledgling one. Organizers Beth Lisick and Arline Klatte have created some ground rules (no memorization, no "performance," and a strict 10-minute limit) to cut out the risks, with a result of pure pleasure — people get up and tell great stories. The strength of the series lies in the range of people who contribute, from current mayoral candidate Matt Gonzalez to an elderly mushroom hunter, with a smattering of local literary talent. Arrive early to get a seat, as this urban storytelling event is no longer an open secret; it's just plain open.

December's theme: Funny Uncle ~ The Family Show. As the holidays approach, our thoughts turn to family. Them. The people you can't choose. Join us at Cafe Du Nord for an evening of tales about the ones in our lives who shall remain there forever, no matter what.

Official Website: http://www.porchlightsf.com/press.html

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