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Host: Hudson Institute.
Russia, China, and Iran are actively promoting their agendas in Latin America with little opposition from the United States. The Russian military's recent joint operations with Venezuela, Iran's mounting influence in Latin American politics, and China's continued economic investment in the region all play into Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez's radical brand of populism. The growing influence of these regimes undermines democracy in the region.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates recently said he was "concerned about the level of subversive activity the Iranians are carrying on in a number of places in Latin America." Admiral James Stavridis, then head of U.S. Southern Command, seconded Gates' statement, adding that "We have seen... an increase in a wide level of activity by the Iranian government in this region." As the new Obama administration starts to pay more attention to our southern neighbors, Hudson Institute's Center for Latin American Studies is convening a panel to discuss issues facing Latin American politics.

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