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Equipped with an array of samplers, sequencers and vintage synthesizers, San Francisco wunderkinds Broker/Dealer make catchy minimal electronic music equally suited for the den or the dancefloor. Simultaneously channeling the aquatic dub of Berlin's Chain Reaction label and the genre-defining minimal techno of the Kompakt imprint, on their debut full-length, Initial Public Offering, B/D recalls German electronic artists like Mike Ink, not to mention Metro Area's innovative electro-disco.

After cooling off from last years full-length record on Asphodel, Broker/Dealer comes back with something a bit more for the dance floor on their new 12" single on Ghostly's Spectral label. The duo will perform a special live set in honor of the release along with celebrating the Dealer's 30th birthday!


Jeff Samuel's foray into electronic music began in 1995 when he first witnessed a DJ set by Detroit's Claude Young in Columbus, Ohio. He was then introduced to that city's ele_mental collective, an inspiring core of artists which included Ohio artists Titonton Duvante, the Archetype and Todd Sines among others. Through their concept-oriented events which showcased the finer points of electronic music, he became enthralled and began to DJ in 1996. Soon after, he purchased his first synth and drum machine.

While attending college in 1997, Jeff began exploring the possibilities of software-based music production where he saw greater possibilities for creativity and workflow. He encountered much scrutiny for attempting to make techno using only a computer. Nevertheless, by 1998 he had started to create his own completed tracks using an early version of Fruityloops (now FL Studio). Music from his first demo was signed to the German label Lo-fi Stereo. The "Bidooba" single was released in 1999 and featured a remix from Kompakt's Michael Mayer. Other tracks from the same demo found their way to minimal techno pioneer Daniel Bell, who released them on his 7th City label in 2001.

Jeff pushed into the new millennium continuing his DJ career, releasing more music and completing his college degree in Audio Production simultaneously. 2002 proved to be a significant year which saw his 'Digital Self' Tektite EP remixed by Ricardo Villalobos, his abstract material released by UK label Emoticon, and the beginning of a long relationship with Cologne-based Trapez Recordings. He also left Ohio for the western port city of Seattle, where he pursued a career as a Sound Designer in the videogame industry.

Today, Jeff Samuel is a sought-after remixer with a heavy DJ and production schedule who still finds the time to make SFX for videogames. His records are played by a diverse range of the world's most talented DJ's including: Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, Ricardo Villalobos, Francois K, Steve Bug, Akufen, Craig Richards, Mazi, Claude Young, Timo Maas, Josh Wink, Electric Indigo, Michael Mayer and John Tejada. He is also currently the only American DJ represented by the elusive Kompakt organization.

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Rx Gallery
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