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Organ of Qwerty is the laptop-improvisation identity of local drummer John Hanes. In his work, a few notes from simple sound sources (like violin or bicycle pump) are molded, reworked, and stretched into immersive and reflective sound spaces.

The Flip Quartet is a composition by Polly Moller which will be brought to life a second time at 21 Grand. Four improvisers (John Hanes, Suki O'Kane, Moe! Staiano, Karen Stackpole) will explore the four cardinal directions (north/east/south/west) and their medieval elemental correspondences (earth/air/fire/water) with objects, instruments, and text chosen by the improvisers following guidelines in the score.

The audience will be seated (or will roam around -- their choice) inside the perimeter of the improvisation, and the performers will circle around them, raising energy and creating elemental harmony in the space. The audience should watch out for the "flip" element in The Flip Quartet - the act of flipping over timers provides duration markers for the improvisation, and the players are encouraged to flip over anything they can during the performance.

Polly Moller's solo set will be offered up in honor and memory of Leigh Ann Hussey, a musician who was tragically taken from her friends, family and fans a year ago tomorrow, in a motorcycle accident on Highway 580 near Livermore. The improvisation will be not so much about grief, as about the multi-layered magical universe of which Leigh Ann was, and still is, a part.

Cost : $6-10

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/theflipquartet

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