1150 Queen St. W.
Toronto, Ontario M6J 1J3

Pollüt: Exploring the effects of Toronto?s polution

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Free Admission to the Public (venue requires ages 19 and over)

Pollution is a term that is exhausted by overuse. It is common for urban dwellers to cognitively divorce themselves from the concepts of the environment and pollution. These terms have become exotic; they now convey an untouchable elsewhere-ness. In truth, pollution exists everywhere; it is an immersive reality of daily life, and appears in some unexpected forms which many Torontonians have not yet paused to consider. In anticipation of Earth Day 2006, a group of second-year students in the Industrial Design program at the Ontario College of Art & Design invite Toronto to experience Pollüt, an exhibit which aims to expand awareness of the pollution encountered every day in the GTA.

Through a variety of media, and with the incorporation of powerful imagery and compelling metaphor, each student work confronts a unique form of pollution and invites the viewer to consider both its mundane and surprising incarnations.

The Drake Hotel
1150 Queen St. W., Toronto, ON
Info: Evan Bender, 647-296-0090 or [email protected]; http://pollut.wordpress.com/

Venue: The Drake Hotel, 1150 Queen St.. W., Toronto, ON

Official Website: http://pollut.wordpress.com/

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