225 State Street
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17011

Organizer: Commonwealth Foundation. Leaving Children Behind: Teacher Unions vs. School Choice, featuring Simon Campbell, President, Stop Teacher Strikes and Michael Geer, President, Pennsylvania Family Institute’s Family Choice Scholarship Program (FCSP).

Since its inception in 1852, the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) has evolved into one the state’s largest and well-funded labor unions. Although PSEA claims to represent the best interests of students and teachers, it is primarily a powerful political machine, spending vast amounts of money on lawsuits, lobbying, and campaigns—anything to further its political agenda. By politicizing public education, PSEA has done little for those it claims to represent and has marginalized parents, children, and teachers in communities throughout Pennsylvania.
Simon Campbell will discuss how unions and teacher strikes undermine educational opportunities for children. Michael Geer will discuss the success of FCSP, an Educational Improvement Tax Credit program, which is just one of many school choice options available to families in Pennsylvania to escape the union-controlled public schools.

Official Website: http://www.commonwealthfoundation.org/event/policies-principles-luncheon-leaving-children-behind

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