618 West 6th Street
Austin, Texas

For those of you who missed it last year, a few of us are getting together at Katzs Deli for the 2nd annual Polaroid breakfast. Last year I wasn’t able to make it do to an airport security snafu but this year, unless the weather or security have it out for me again, I plan to be there.

We’ll be talking about all things Polaroid, from the recently announced The Impossible Project to what filters you might be using or where you’ve still been able to find some film. It should be a good times had by all, but mostly it’s just a chance to get together and meet up with other instant film fans.

You don’t need a camera, just an interest and a working alarm clock to get there by 9:00 a.m.

Official Website: http://tincorporated.com/writing/2009/feb/10/polaroid-breakfast-2/

Added by pregame on February 12, 2009