5855 W Century Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90045

If you are going to Gallifrey 21 next month, be sure to come by and say hi to us at the 'Official Unofficial Official Doctor Who: Podshock Meet and Greet at Gallifrey 21'

On Thursday, the 25th of February ("Gallifrey Eve") 2010 at 10pm (PST) we will be holding a 'meet and greet' in the lobby of the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel (same hotel as Gallifrey 21).

It is an opportunity to come by and say hi to those involved with Doctor Who: Podshock, the hosts Ken Deep, James Naughton (all the way from the UK), and Louis Trapani, various Correspondents (Billy Davis, Tara Wheeler, Mike Doran, Amy Krell, Joshua Lou Friedman, etc.), regular contributors (Eric Escamilla, Barnaby Edwards, etc.) to the show and of course other listeners.

Also be sure to see our LIVE SHOW on Sunday, February 28th at 1pm (PST). See here for more information on our exciting show recorded live at Gallifrey 2010: Now Bigger Than Before - Doctor Who: Podshock Live at Gallifrey 21 - February 2010 http://gallifreyanembassy.org/vortex/?q=node/1225

For more information on Gallifrey 21 and how you can register for this annual premier Doctor Who convention, visit the website at www.gallifreyone.com

Official Website: http://gallifreyanembassy.org/vortex/?q=node/1242

Added by Louis Trapani on January 27, 2010