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This webinar on podiatry coding and billing will cover insurance and medicare guidelines and policies specific to podiatric services. You will learn what can be billed and what cannot, the CPT codes for services and procedures and a review of these codes for clean claims submission and quicker adjudication of claims.

Why Should You Attend:

Each State is responsible to determine the scope of practice for Podiatrists, but insurance carriers also have specific policies on coverage for Podiatric services.

This presentation will look at the policies and guidelines of several insurance carriers as well as Medicare to try to sort through for a better understanding of what should be expected to be paid, and what the patient may be liable for. We will also look at the scope of practice limitations for Podiatrists. There will also be a review of the CPT codes of services and procedures rendered in the podiatrist’s office, as well as in the operating room, with a detailed bunion correction, that will include a coding chart tool for reference to when to use what CPT code for bunions.

Another procedure growing in frequency of use is Dermagraft. The CPT codes used to report these services will also be discussed. In addition, orthotics and shoe modifications will also be reviewed, and the guidelines for the use of the CMS ABN form and the reporting modifiers when the ABN form is utilized will be discussed. Diagnosis coding can affect reimbursement, and many of these codes will be reviewed for clean claims submission and quicker adjudication of claims.

Official Website: http://www.complianceonline.com/ecommerce/control/trainingFocus/~product_id=702773?channel=yahooevent

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