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Aimed at journalists and other communicators who want to podcast, this practical course will show you how to record interviews, edit your recordings, and package your material for distribution online or for sale to radio. By the end of the course you will have the technical skills to create saleable packages.

Course tutor: Richard Scrase
Date: Wednesday 24 June, 2009
Time: 10.00-17.00
Venue: The Frontline Club (near Paddington station)
Number of places: 8
Cost: £320 (+£48 VAT) including lunch

Well constructed and edited audio packages of a high technical quality can really transform your online offerings as well as being a great way for freelancers to expand their portfolio and sell into new markets. In this multimedia age, no journalist or communications professional can afford to be without the skills this course will teach.


You will use a variety of microphones and digital recorders to capture the sound from interviews and the surroundings. You will be shown what equipment to use depending on the recording circumstance, from one-to-one interviews to news conferences.


You will use a freely available audio-editing software package to edit audio-samples and your own material. You will be given step-by-step practical guidance in how to use sufficient editing features to combine voice with music and sound effects to make a short radio package.


You will use freely available web-tools to place your package on a website for download. We will discuss various technical distribution options including streaming but also review how podcasts are being used in combination with print media. The course will touch on video and slide-casting production as well as 'chapterised' or enhanced podcasts.

You will be given:

Thorough course notes, including data sheets so that you can make informed choices about what kit to acquire. You will also be provided with links to online tutorials so that you can practice each step of the production process further after the day course. The course notes will be illustrated with real examples of published material.

About Richard Scrase
Richard is a freelance producer and journalist, currently working with Whistledown on BBC radio documentaries. Until 2008 he was the e-learning manager at Newham 6th Form College where he also taught media production. He has trained journalists, scientists and teachers to podcast. You can see and hear examples of his work at www.scrase.eu

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