2 East Poultry Avenue
London, England EC1A 9PT

It started with PodcastCon UK 2005, which broke new ground as both Europe’s first podcasting conference and as the world’s first dedicated podcasting conference.

True to the independent spirit of podcasting, four people — who had never met in person — created a conference to bring together podcasters, enthusiasts, tech-watchers, the media and many others. It was a gathering as diverse as it was vibrant and entertaining.
What was originally envisioned as a handful of folks in a pub grew to a sponsored event in a posh London meeting room with 140 attendees gathered from all around the world. Live demos, speakers, and lots of social networking made it a day to remember.

PodcastCon Programme

The conference not only attracted people from all over the globe, but created a buzz online in the blogosphere, podosphere, and generated media coverage from The Guardian, Financial Times, The Times, the BBC, not to mention many regional and technology publications.

Following feedback from last year, PodcastCon 2006 will include more time for everyone attending to network, chat, discover and inspire each other. What’s more there’ll be top quality insight and discussion sparked by a sparkling array of panellists.

Finally, we also hope to have demos of techniques, kit and much more for those attending wanting hands-on advice.

PodcastCon remains a non-profit conference, run and organised by professionals who also happen to be podcasters. The aim of the conference is to bring together all those interested in podcasting, whatever their background, to share their knowledge and enthusiasm and to learn something new and inspire each other.

Book now and don’t miss the second annual PodcastCon - the only dedicated podcasting conference held in the UK this year.

When: Saturday 18 November 2006
Where: CCT Smithfield, London
Admission: £41.50

Official Website: http://podcastcon.co.uk/

Added by NicoleSimon on September 8, 2006



Just to note that the venue has changed to:

CCT Smithfield
2 East Poultry Avenue
London, EC1A 9PT

Ticket price is £41.50 which includes lunch and refreshments.


thanks. could you shortly check if i have the correct venue there?


Venue looks fine. Google Maps UK finds it okay.

When you get a moment you might want to edit the bit at the bottom of the description as that still says The Art House.

Alex Bellinger

Hi, I'm one of the organisers. We'll post a link on the PodcastCon 2006 website at www.podcastcon.co.uk so that others attending can add themselves to the list here.

Nicole, I know you'll be in the US by now (I think), but if you could copy some of the blurb from our main site into the above, that would be cool.

(Can't quite figure out whether I can edit the event details myself!)


Drat, same day as vlogeurope. Not gonna make this - pity i'd like to see how people have changed over the last year. My god, that year went quick.


Hi, just signed up. Out of interest, how many attended last event?


...oops, sorry, just read '140 attendees gathered from all around the world'.!!


They did not really manage to make it AGAIN the same weekend? :)


I'm there!

Alex Bellinger

Really plesed that Cheeze have agreed to be lead sponsors of PodcastCon this year.

Check out www.podcastcon.co.uk for more details.

They seem to be a good bunch, they've got some cool social things planned for the day and it does mean me, Paul, Neil and Adrian won't have to sell our grandmothers.

We're up to about 70 people confirmed as attending - more than this time last year. It looks like it's going to be another very mixed crowd, something which made last year's event so much fun, I reckon.


And if you are in town the day before - Firefox parties in London its 2 year aniversary! :)



Drats, would have loved to have made it to the firefox party..


Went last year, an eye and ear opener. Now running solo ad sales biz for podcasts and bloggers, plus otrhers. Looking forward to the one in two weeks.

Any female pod/vidcasters out there who'd allow me to put their podcasts on my female biz web directory http://www.saferservices.co.uk please get in touch.


Hello everybody! Coming from Italy I'll have to stay 2 nights over there. Can anybody suggest a hotel in the vicinity of the event?


Would suggest you try these sites:


I'm staying at the Swinton Hotel, 18-24 Swinton Street, London WC1X 9NX (it's near Kings Cross). Phone: 44 20 7278 2033

I booked through the Active Hotels site. It's my first time staying there, so I can't directly recommend it, though it seemed okay from the website.

- Neil.


Wow! Thank you Neil, gonna check tomorrow all the sites you gave me.


London is quite expensive. You can try orbitz.com they allow you a nice overview.


Any gaming/gambling and female podcast genre broadcaster/owners going to be there? Would like to arrange and chat at one of the breaks. Plus anyone looking for or having suitable podsearch solutions/sites. Cheers - Jon


The Firefox party has moved to December 1st, but there is now MiniCamp London - http://upcoming.org/event/124977/ - to keep you occupied Friday evening, not forgetting the Jazzfly party - http://upcoming.org/event/121577/

- Neil.

Alex Bellinger

Hi there guys, we're now at 132 confirmed delegates for the conference, which is very cool.

We've booked capacity for 150 in total, but if there's a sudden rush on tickets we do have the option to grab some more space!

Some nice exhibitors now including Nokia, HHB who'll be demoing audio kit and mics and Mobipod who'll be showing off their mobile podcasting technology ...

3 live bands as well ...

go on ... you know you want to ;)


I've signed up, paid and will be attending as a listener (would be podcaster) again. I may be wearing a fairly loud shirt again. Hope to see you all there.

Alex Bellinger

Good to see listeners and aspiring podcasters coming along too. You'll be most welcome :)

We're up to just over 150 attending now which we're delighted about. Really looking forward to it now!

Alex Bellinger

Today's the day to get your ticket orders in if you're planning on coming along to PodcastCon ;)

We won't be selling tickets on the door tomorrow for practical reasons. Head over to http://podcastcon.co.uk/tickets/ .


Last minute straggler.
Will be attending.
Looking forward to it,
with or without hangover...