2174 Market Street
San Francisco, California 94114

Podcast Hotel celebrates the intersection of art and commerce, looking at the impact of digital culture on the arts and society.

By day, we talk podcasting, artist rights and how digital culture fits in our lives. By night, we hear musical performances that are recorded and later distributed as podcasts.

Official Website: http://www.podcasthotel.com

Added by podcasthotel on January 10, 2007



looking forward to this...


The schedule looks awesome, I am so thrilled just by the other speakers, I can't even wait to see who shows up besides that! :) [note: I am not your usual american to which everything already is awesome *g*]


This looks great! Will definitely try to make it, but between the Web2Open and a gazillion deadlines, it's looking iffy.


I'm so there!


woot - party tonight! cya there after Third Thursday in Palo Alto hopefully...