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PulseWave #2 - Thursday April 27th 9:30pm $6

It's time to get ready for PulseWave #2 for April. It's a weeknight show, so we are kicking it up a notch with:

Nullsleep - Founder of 8bitpeoples and all around NES Badass, Jeremiah Johnson performs rock oriented synth anthems armed only with Famicoms and Gameboys. If John Hughes ever created NES powerplay versions of his film classics, Jeremiah would surely be in effect. Catch him before he heads off on his world tour with labelmate Bit Shifter.

OMAC - The onslaught of Mark Denardo's multi member chip hop paramilitary unit revs up for its summer series. Fueled by various anonymous and interchangeable members, Denardo maintains a veneer of semiserious fun as OMAC borrows equally from Morricone, Afrika Bambatta and The Electric Company, and holds it down with live guitar drums, and PSP/Gameboy Blurpiness.

Animal Style - Joey Mariano fully incorporates the 8-bit style, both in his musical works on his Mac, and on his eye-exploding awesome website. Mixing synths samples and guitars, Mariano is on the forefront of the new American Chipstyle.

Notendo - Awesome in house VJ retruns with more circuit betn NES visuals. Not to be missed.

Weeknights are no excuse not to attend. Rock begins begins promptly at 10pm.

PulseWave is the first in series of events that highlight the raw and rude world of Chipmusic, Gameboy beat boxing, lo-fi electronics and raw 8bit rock. Watch a generation of dithered youths brought up on a healthy diet of Italian plumbers, spiky mammals, and gender bending space pirates warp a fascination with the tinny tones of the past into the touch tone pulse of today.

Official Website: http://www.thetanknyc.org/spaceworks/

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