155 Fell St
San Francisco, California 94102

Toronto artist who makes optimistic music for pessimistic times. Defeated hearts can lean steadily on his soulful futurism on his debut album You Make Me Feel (Plug Research). When Mike sings, "Something good is going happen" you can't help but feel he's right. His melodic, electronic masterpieces are like blossoms unfolding in darkness. Even those songs seeded in sadness are lined with bright hope. "You Make Me Feel will appeal to anyone who can appreciate the subtle pleasures of hearing a talented young singer/songwriter slowly come into full possession of his talents. The fact that his weapon of choice is not an acoustic guitar or a rock and roll combo but a bank of samplers bodes well for the future of music in this modern world." -- Pop Matters

What happens when one LA hoptronica DJ meets one Santa Cruz psych-folk supergroup (featuring ex-members of the Beechwood Sparks and the Aislers Set)? They make a great record of psychedelic electronica, called Tree Colored See (Mush Records): "A perfectly crafted blend of psychedelic hip-hop and sunshine folk-rock." -- Midheaven Mailorder

Dntel is Jimmy Figurine/Postal Service, under his DJ name. For this show, he'll most likely be playing stuff from his upcoming Jimmy Figurine CD (on Plug Research) and other cool techno-pop stuff.

Added by rudenugget on August 1, 2006