132 Eddy Street
San Francisco, California 94102

It's another Plug-in/Mash-up FREE party at Rx

Don't miss this event featuring a mash-up of experimental music and video art.


Gregg Kowalsky
Gregg's debut full-length album,Through The Cardial Window,will release in 2006 on Kranky. His compositions range from textural ambient to drone and noise pieces, which are highly influenced by the thick, humid air of South Florida where Gregg lived for most of his life. He is interested in filling the spaces his music occupies through dense, live, multi-channel mixes. He has composed for film, dance, acoustic ensembles and sound installations. .

myrmyr is the collaboration by Marielle Jakobsons and Agnes Szelag to create improvisational electroacoustic music.  myrmyr's music rides on the tension between the slightly cacophonous to flowing melodies, using their instruments, voices, field recordings, live sampling and programming skills. Exploring many musical genres, they never play the same set.  With performances based on reaction and often invoking the element of surprise, the duo keeps themselves and the audience on their toes.

Agents Del Futuro
ubiquitous, moving and blue.

Caltrop vs. Preshish Momentos
guest starring Benjamin Bracken


The Norman Conquest
The Norman Conquest's video work centers around obsessive photography,
perceptual phenomena, slow movement, and various forms of visual

Sean Clute is an inventor of sound, video, installation, and performance. He has built and performed in geodesic domes, suspended pods, and interactive sonic environments. Sean is also currently active as the Un-Director for the intermedia performance group DOUBLE VISION (www.seanclute.com).

Mikal Carter

Jesse Clark


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