67 Buckingham Place
Brighton, England BN1 3PQ

BarCamp is an 'unconference' where all attendees have to give a talk. The first BarCamp Brighton was held on 8-9 September. It was very good. We'd like to do another.

This is an open meeting to talk about BarCamp Brighton 2 and will cover:
* Possible dates to hold it (hopefully at one of the Universities)
* Feedback from BarCamp Brighton
* Knowledge learnt from organising the first event

It's open for anyone to come along if they're interested.

Official Website: http://barcamp.org/BarCampBrighton2

Added by paulsilver on September 26, 2007



Last minute family things mean I can't be there -- will someone take/publish notes?


I'll be trying to take useful notes and will publish them on http://www.barcampbrighton.org I'll give you a nudge when they're up.