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Like many I hate the Web 2.0 meme, but it just won't DIE!!!!!!!!

We are all eager to the keep up the pace of innovation and for the time being 2.0 is the “next” generation, beyond the bubble and market correction. It is a buzzword; but, it is real. You see Web 1.0 was all about website content; now Web 2.0 is about user generated content . So folks, don’t trifle over the use, abuse or misuse of the term “web 2.0.” It’s like telling the hords not to love Nike or a Starbucks Capp. The web as a platform is the key underpinning to 2.0, democratization of the web for all, moving away from the static to the fresh, content that follows you wherever you are and apps that respond to your personal preferences. For business, nano-economies are erupting and can be a challenge–they are nimble and savvy.

Collaborators will include non-geeks, non-IT folks, immersed in business and intimidated by the speed and esoterica of the web. But I also hope to be inspired by patient, compassionate geeks, web gurus and IT folks. I toil daily at bringing people together about the possibilities of the web in user terms, here, at our corporate site, and, our conferences and exhibitions. As gatherings go, there is still nothing faster than human conversation or that engages all sensory systems for full comprehension. I just don’t see the advent of the virtual handshake, hug, and “the [billion] natural shocks the flesh is heir to”. Hoping our flesh and blood will converge beyond these uploads in Toronto May 1 and 2, 2007, at the PLEXUS 2007 web 2.0 Conference & Exhibition, and many times thereafter.

Official Website: http://www.plexus2007.com/index.html

Added by davidcrow on September 6, 2006



haha well put.
and May 07, will the Meme last this long? [oops make that nov 07]


It almost looks like a parody.,


Hello David, Jevon, Thomas and all watchers!
It's nice to be watched. It's better than being ignored. I truly hope Plexus 2007 will be a boon for all and am throwing all my energy behind it. Excited for Canada. The great camps that have occured here and smaller conferences have given great impetus. It's time people get out of California and come to the great TO. Even Nigerians are coming!!
The web is the new fuel for business and many don't realize it yet. Hopefully Plexus will inspire and reduce fears. I learn more everyday yet know so little. Please don't hesitate to communicate with me or my team at Plexus, marie at plexus 2007 dot com. Lend your thoughts, ideas...
Hello again Nicole.
Hey David are you really a "trouble-maker" (your blog moniker) or are you just humble?
Anytime guys.


I am getting more and more excited about this the more I hear about it


Hey me too Mark. Thanks!


What the story? Did this event move? Is it now in Nov 27-28, 2007 as stated in an image on the website?


They now claim to be switching to a DEMO format: http://plexusity.wordpress.com/2007/02/07/plexus-2007-goes-demo/

All speakers have been dropped off the program... who knows why they all left?


Sometimes an empty vessel can be filled with greatness. Other times it is just a hollow and vacant container built by people who would not recognize it even if they had it. How is the audience supposed to tell the difference?


David, Jevon and Remmark: Two events happened to change the date. My parents died unexpectedly three months apart and stole my thoughts and energy from the Plexus 2007. The empty vessel is my heart. The second is the revelation that the Demo format is outstanding and must be brought to the stage for all techs not just start-ups (which by the way we are also courting). Along with the added revelation that May was too early for Canadian business just starting to realize that the web is real and likely not another bubble.
Business audiences are tired of talking heads and the traditional format. We releaved our outstanding speakers of their obligations with the utmost of respect. And they responded in kind.
We are gathering more steam (vessel speak) in the last 2 weeks than ever before.
Look I know you guys participate in BarCamp and that's great. We can co-exist. Canada is simply underserviced for tech events. And Bar Camp serves its market well. We are a whole other kettle of fish (vessel speak). Why don't you invite me and see if we are rowing with two oars. I will do the same in turn.
I am CEO of the company and don't see any icebergs ahead.
We are hard at work on Plexus 2007 - Innovation 2.0 Demo.
We've been in the biz events business for 11 years we know the size, shape, speed of the vessel indeed.
Guys please come to Plexus 2007 this November. I will leave 3 souvenirs at registration in your names. Wishing you happiness and prosperity.


Is this event still happening?