1918 Park Boulevard
Oakland, California 94606

Here's how it'll work: I'll attempt to simultaneously sing and play one of my guitars. You'll avert your eyes, stop up your ears or walk out if it gets to be all too much. I'll be on my best behavior. The forecast calls for mostly covers (from among four decades' worth of pop songs) with scattered originals and occasional bouts of melodic recognition. Free. Open to all ages.

Official Website: http://www.allaboutgeorge.com/

Added by allaboutgeorge on August 14, 2006



Prism Cafe already had another act on the original date of Aug. 31, so it looks I'll get a new date (and an opening act to be named later -- soon as I hear who, I'll post about it here). Sorry about the inconvenience.


Oh no, I already bought my tickets for Scissor Sisters. NOOOOOO!

I'm there with you in spirit, and bad casio keyboard playing. (inside joke)


We were lucky enough to catch one of Mr. Kelly's shows earlier this summer; you all are in for a big, sweet treat.


George's repertoire will be full of surprises, I'm sure.


I would not miss this show for the world and no, I will not sing a duet with you. Nope, not gonna!


Oh, how I wish I could witness this! Will someone make me a bootleg tape? ;) (no, really!)


No pressure, but this is officially an Oakland flickr meetup.