10750 SW Denney Road (Immediately west of Highway 217 at Denney Road Exit)
Beaverton, Oregon

Pack off your piles of post-holiday plastic to two Metro-area recycling roundups on January 7. Master Recyclers will collect plastic material that cannot be recycled at curbside including buckets, food tubs, plastic bags, lawn furniture, nursery pots and trays, and styrofoam. Plastic items that will not be accepted are pvc pipe, food-contaminated plastic, and small toys without the recycling triangle symbol.

Recyclers should bring their plastic separated by the recycling numbers (1-7) that can be found inside the triangle stamped on most plastics. Only plastics that have a neck, such as bottles and milk jugs can be recycled at home. A "recycling number" stamped on plastics doesn't guarantee they are recyclable, it only indicates the type of resin used in the product. Unfortunately, unstable markets and limited demand from manufacturers make it difficult to recycle more plastic from residences.

Packaging comprises an estimated 20 ? 30% of household and business waste in Oregon. Master Recyclers suggest reusing plastic items whenever possible and selecting products with a minimum of packaging. Buy in bulk, bring your own reusable shopping bag to the store, and don't hesitate to contact manufacturers about your packaging preferences.

Learn more at masterrecycler.org/plastics.html

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