13 Magazine St
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

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Got a pink slip this week or over the holidays? In recruiting or other career services? Hiring? Planning ahead for your career? Just want to connect and support with your friends?

Some really fine people were laid off in the area recently, especially in marketing, PR, social media & technology, so it's time to rally together over a few drinks.

-Sponsor giveaways
-Book swap: bring your favorite job/career book to pass along
-Resumeathon: whether employed or not, bring resumes for peer comparison, suggestion & review
-Sponsored food
-Massive prize for anyone with enough spirit to wear a pink slip to the event (actual lingerie folks, it a piece of paper!)

Please tweet, re-tweet, email and blog about this using the tag #pinkslipparty to get the word out.

Is your company hiring? Do you provide career or recruitment services? Email [email protected] and we'll find a way to highlight you at the event.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

With love,

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Official Website: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23pinkslipparty+OR+pinkslipparty+OR+%22pink+slip+party%22

Added by Pistachio on January 8, 2009



Slightly tight schedule tonight, but if this happens in Cambridge, I'll try and come down for a bit!


I'll do my best to make it out.


I could definitely use the night out but this darn knee has me largely immobilized (and down in CT) for at least another 6 weeks.


I'm planning to come -- where is it going to be?!


traffic permitting I'll be there.


Looks like the betahouse (13 Magazine Street) is the likely location. The neighbors are a bit touchy, so we have to keep it quiet, but if we end up needing to go and be louder we can go to the Green Street tavern or The Field at Central Square nearby.


If you weren't given the pink slip but are unemployed after grad school, does that count?


@tunaoddfellow and I are going to try to make it 6 ish


Sad truth is that #pinkslipparty is destined to become a recurring event for the foreseeable future. Tentatively, the next two will be 2/13 and 3/13. Fridays the 13th, for the... irony?

We will post new details on these two dates as we get them. Stay tuned to #pinkslipparty on Twitter.