Castro St. and 18th St.
San Francisco, California

The LGBT community revs up for the Gay Pride Parade and Festival on Sunday, with this massive Saturday evening street party in the Castro neighborhood. Expect impromptu dance parties, huge crowds, lots of skin, and a celbratory community spirit. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence act as gatekeepers to the event, and request a donation for entrance.

Head over to Dolores Park earlier in the afternoon to catch the Dyke March!.

Official Website:

Added by barriodude on February 23, 2007



Is this still happening? the site only mentions the saturday event down at the civic center, which ends at 6pm.


I was wondering the same thing while looking at the sisters home page. There is nothing mentioned except the Civic Center and that they will be rowing down Market for the parade. Its usually on their calendar.


Hi from the Yahoo! Pride team... check out our LGBT Pride site at: Help us raise money for the Point Foundation by uploading a photo to our Flickr pool!


It's still happening, it's more of an informal event then an extensively planned one.


does anyone know exactly what time does the party kick off?


7 pm to midnight. The BAR article says the Sisters requested media silence to avoid the problems of Halloween.


I didn't realize there was so much security from the Halloween event. Somehow, I can't imagine a bunch of gangbangers trying to stab each other in the sea of gayness that is Pink Saturday.


one of my faghags was witness to the shooting during Halloween. Tell all your gay friends, don't tell nobody else!


i went for it..
itz was on till 2am..
i guess therz sumthin sunday night as well!!!