1035 N Western Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60622

Cost: $10
Ages: 21+



Just got the Passover LP by the angels. Expecting this to possibly be the best show the bottle hosts this year. Any takers??


I'll go if we all get high first...


Dudes - Pink Mounaintops were the sleeper hit of SXSW. I tried so hard to get in to see them. You all MUST get high and go to this show.


Hey daneypoo, you're on! Thinking of meeting a few friends at Bolero beforehand...

you down??

JJ...got a pal down there that said the same thing, but was a tad more excited about the angels. Either way...going to be stellar.


I bookmarked this event -- I want a report, dudes, a report...


I got screwed - had to go to Wichita last minute for a client and missed it. Ask Dana how it was. She bought a ticket...


Alrighty Joe the free...a report in a line...

Outstanding, vocals a bit quiet and the drummer is smoking hot. Got to meet each member for about five minutes as they hit the bar after their set-great people. Lead singer is a farm hand in Texas when not touring and rhythm guitarist waits tables. How's that for down-to-earth??

Good news, they told me they'd be back on July 27...confirmed through their website. If you didn't go, mr joe, you better be there huffin on a bat in the back of the bar with dannypoo.

There's your report. Over and out.