2215 Broadway St.
Redwood City, California 94063

"Ask anyone who has ever attended a concert by the band Pink Floyd and they will likely comment first on the mind-melting visuals employed by the band as accompaniment to their psychedelic/progressive music. The amazing custom-designed lighting effects and the heavy use of lasers are what has always set apart a Pink Floyd show from every other touring band, great or small. In terms of sights and sounds working in tandem, a live Pink Floyd concert experience is wholly unique and second to none. While the Brooklyn heavy metal band Blue Oyster Cult were the first to introduce the use of lasers into a rock concert setting during the late 1970s, it was Pink Floyd who evolved lasers from a nifty parlor trick to an art form unto itself. Though the band members themselves will not be on stage performing this evening, the authentic recordings of Pink Floyd will be pumped throughout the confines of the Fox Theatre in full stereo effect as the well-seasoned crew of Steve Monistere’s Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular present a breathtaking laser light show computer-choreographed to the familiar strains of the Pink Floyd songbook."

Official Website: http://www.foxdream.com/foxdream/shopexd.asp?id=952&bc=no

Added by jdfalk on April 22, 2007