11050 Magnolia Blvd.
North Hollywood, California 91343

Tickets are $20, but i can ge them for $13 ahead of time.

Theatre Unleashed is proud to announce the final show of its 2008 Main Stage season and its first full-length original production written by one of the company’s founding members, Pin-Up Girls. With the successful, well-received runs of The Tempest and the series of original coffee shop shows Through a Caffeine Haze, the company and its reputation continue to grow. A bold (yet hysterical) show that tackles the theme of freedom, set in the popular world of burlesque, with powerful female characters, Pin-Up Girls is an exciting next step in solidifying Theatre Unleashed as one of L.A.’s strongest theatre companies.

Pin-Up Girls opens in 1942 San Francisco as young American men bound for war flood local nightclubs for a last hurrah. Meanwhile, American women find themselves in possession of a new found freedom and equality; in the factories, in the home and out on the town. Written and directed by Andrew Moore, Pin-Up Girls focuses on the dancers -- their lives, loves and losses – as they prepare backstage at The High Jinks for an evening striptease. Heart-warming and heart-breaking, the show provides a glimpse into the camaraderie that exists backstage among any group of show people.

Official Website: http://www.theatreunleashed.com/pinupgirls.html

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