11-13 Frith Street
London, England W1D 4

Pimp My Tune: Making Music Compete With “Free”

This Think Tank will look at sexing up music – with filesharing outstripping downloads by 40:1, is the product, both physical and digital, in need of a marketing makeover?

While legal avenues and cajoling ISPs to shoulder their responsibilities is one response, is it also time to look at adding more value to the product?

We’re thinking extra tracks, more detailed information, more sound quality options, or even exclusive download-only access to advance information on the artists involved – i.e. something you’ll never get from BitTorrent.

Can we re-brand the very concept of music – making it more desirable and distinct from the illegal alternative? Designer frames as opposed to NHS spectacles?

Speakers include:
John Dyer, Domino Records
Michael Bayler, The Rights Marketing Company
Malcolm Garrett, AIG
Prof. Merlin Stone, White Consultants Ltd
Tammy Smulders, SCB Partners

More speakers to be confirmed...
Price: £30, £25 trade body members

All places MUST be booked and paid for in advance via www.musictank.co.uk

Official Website: http://www.musictank.co.uk

Added by MusicTank on March 13, 2007