1201 N. Spring St.
Los Angeles, California 90012

The feathers fly Sunday, April 1st at Not a Cornfield, Los Angeles - 6:00pm.
This was initially at the Grove until their security got wind of the deal and decided to shut it down. Please pass the word along and let your friends know that plans have changed.

Bring your own damned pillow.


1. You do tell everyone about PillowFight Club.
2. You do tell everyone about PillowFight Club.
3. If someone whines or has no pillow, you cannot hit them.
4. Everyone joins in the fight.
5. The one fight starts at the designated time - No earlier.
6. No tar, no heavy things in pillows.
7. PillowFights will go on until they're done.
8. If this is your first night at PillowFight Club, you have to get feathered.

Official Website: http://pillowfightclub.org/

Added by boogah on March 18, 2007



april fools, right? save your money, the parking there sucks.


My friend in SF said this was super-lame. No way spending $8 to get hit in the head with someone's dirty pillow.


No need to worry about $8 for parking... The event's been moved. Check the info above for more details.


Huh, I'd also heard it was moved to the Promenade... not that anyone would know, since noone bothered to update the website itself, leaving tons of people to waste their time getting turned away by the Grove rent-a-cops... real nice. So did anyone actually GO to this thing? Shouldn't there be like a more private email list/Myspace profile for this kind of thing?