210 Pigeon Point Road, Highway 1
Pescadero, California 94060

California State Parks, Pigeon Point Hostel, and the United States Coast Guard will commemorate the 134th Anniversary of the first lighting of Pigeon Point Lighthouse. This annual event features an open house in the historic fog signal building from 10am until 7pm. The highlight of the evening is from 6-8pm when the historic lighthouse’s Fresnel Lens lights up the sky.

You can see an example of what the lens looks like when it lights up here:

Update: I've just discovered this weekend is also the time to see the Leonid Meteor shower in North America:

"The annual Leonid meteor shower could produce a strong outburst this weekend for residents of the North America and Western Europe.

A brief surge of activity is expected begin around 11:45 p.m. ET Saturday, Nov. 18. In Europe, that corresponds to early Sunday morning, Nov. 19 at 4:45 GMT. The outburst could last up to two hours.

At the peak, people in these favorable locations could see up to 150 shooting stars per hour, or more than two per minute."

That corresponds to 8:45pm California time and the San Mateo Coast could be a great place to capture meteors on camera.
(see more about this here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/space/strongleonidmeteorshowerexpectedthisweekend )

Official Website: http://www.parks.ca.gov/events/event_detail.asp?id=1297

Added by nzdave on October 12, 2006



regarding the meteor shower - the west coast is out of luck for seeing the peak of the display. It's eastern states only that will see it.


a medical emergency in my extended family will keep me from attending this year.

lucy huntzinger

Really sorry to hear it, Dave. I am still hoping to go, but must get someone else to drive me.


lucy - I know Barb was hoping to carpool - perhaps you and she can meetup? I might still make it - but can't commit at this point.