155 Fell St
San Francisco, California 94102

Street to Nowhere
mc chris

Doors @8, Show @8:30
$10 advance/$12 door
Tix available at http://www.virtuous.com/

Boston emocore band that's none for rocking tunes like "American Hearts" and touring with a biodiesel van. "There are bouncy, fun songs, but it’s not meaningless joke rock. There are more traditional punk songs, but it’s not just another Bad Religion knock-off. The beats are infectious, the vocals are interesting and compelling, and the production carries the values and tone of power-pop to the band’s sunny punk base. If there’s a middle ground somewhere between The Shins and Pennywise, Piebald probably occupies it." -- Verbicide

SF band's debut album "Charmingly Awkward is filled with songs that mix emotional lyrics with violins, electronic beats, and acoustic guitars, featuring melodies that endear themselves to your subconscious and the kind of emotive lyrics that all the kids love these days. Hey, haven't you heard? Awkward is the new cool." -- Noise Pop

"Also known as his alter ego MC P Pants (the diaper-wearing, rapping spider who occasionally drops in on Aqua Teen Hunger Force) and his birth name Chris Ward, mc chris has taken his squeaky voice, surprisingly smooth flow, and total geek sensibilities to become only MC who brags about getting wedgies and reading X-Men comics. … mc chris is a rarity in hip-hop: He's an MC with legitimate skills who prefers to goof around on just about everything -- think of him as the cartoon world's answer to Ol' Dirty Bastard (minus the crack addiction, of course).-- Spin.com

Official Website: http://rickshawstop.com/phpEventCalendar/eventdisplay.php?id=1040

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