69 Main Street
New Britain, Connecticut

$12.00 ($10.00 advance)

Piebald is an indie rock from Andover, Massachusetts.They later moved to the Boston suburb of Somerville and became a staple of the Greater Boston indie rock scene. Two members still live in the Boston area, while two others now live in Los Angeles. Listen to their New Album "Accidental Gentlemen" in it's entirety on their myspace.
Side One Dummy
Mp3s: http://www.myspace.com/piebald

MC CHRIS (Voice of Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
MC Chris is a nerdcore rapper, voice actor, and improvisational comedian born in Illinois, USA. He is currently signed on the indie label Jet Pack Industries, LLC. His trademarks include the synthesis of his "geek" heritage with the "gangster" image associated with hip hop artists, and the high pitch of his voice, celebrated in his 2003 song "10 Year Old" (likening his voice to a child of ten years of age).
Mp3s: http://www.myspace.com/mcchris

House of Fools, from Greensboro, North Carolina, serve up an epic rock experience infused with rich guitars and keyboards. Giant guitar solos are coupled with thoughtful and curious lyrics performed by lead singer Josh King.
Mp3s: http://www.myspace.com/houseoffools

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