south park
San Francisco, California

Bring your lunch to go and meet at South Park @ 12:30pm on Friday :)

Everyone welcome!
(Look for a girl in glasses sitting on a blue tarp, probably on the SW side of the park)

I used to organize occasional picnics in South Park when I worked at Pownce (take a trip in the WayBack Machine: ) since so many people in the start-up scene are in the neighborhood. With all the nice weather, I figured it's time to bring them back!

Added by arielwaldman on July 15, 2010



As impossible as it would be to make it up to the city for lunch during the week, I'll still be there in spirit!


I'm interested in going. I'm close by. I like meeting new people.


fixed the Pownce link now, btw!


Boo: I have to be in Palo Alto :( I'll spread the word around the office, though.

Next time!


Will try to - heading out that afternoon, so we'll see!


Bummer, I'm going to be in a lunch meeting. Have fun.


Umm I guess I can't come since the water in my building is turned off today and I can't shower or anything. Ick.


Ack. I had hoped to make acquaintance but I followed the map link above which lead me to the financial district. I should have stuck with my gut "hey isn't that the big round park off of 2nd?" I'm sorry to cancel late.