Fillmore St. at Marina Blvd
San Francisco, California 94123

Co-ed informal soccer at the Marina Green in San Francisco.

Please send an email to get on the Marina Green soccer list.

Mailing list owner will send a "go" or "no go" email on Tuesday about whether or not the Thursday game will happen - depending on the weather.

Wear a black, navy blue or white shirt (or better yet, layers of both), avoid in-between colors like light gray, red, yellow, green, etc.

Everyone who shows up will be accommodated. We are not playing rugby or professional soccer. Many people ask what's the level of play. Since it's a pick-up game, it depends who shows up.

For less than 7 on 7, small goals and no hands. A goal must be waist high or lower. For 7 on 7 or more, corner kicks, larger goals and the offside rule will be observed. If you are not familiar with the offside rule, please see here. A goal must be head high or lower.

This is informal pick-up soccer, you can come and leave when you want and you will generally be accommodated. If the teams are full (11 on 11), you will have to wait until someone leaves, or a second game may be started.

Field location here.

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Added by shmooth on May 16, 2006