2015 Addison St
Berkeley, California 94704

FREE Lecture with Rich Muller, Author of Physics for Future Presidents: the Science behind the Headlines, and Senior Scientist at Berkeley Lab

Does the next U.S. President really need to understand physics?

Rich Muller, author of Physics for Future Presidents, argues that the next president can't afford to be ignorant about the science behind terrorism, nuclear dangers, energy, space, and global warming.

How, he asks the next president, "can you lead your country into a clean-energy future if you don't understand solar power or how coal could be converted into gasoline? How can you decide important issues about research funding, arms control treaties, threats from North Korea or Iran, spying and surveillance if you understand only the political issues and not the technical ones?"

Muller, a MacArthur Fellow and one of the most popular lecturers at UC Berkeley, will discuss what it takes to survive in today's increasingly dangerous world - information essential to the next Commander-in-Chief.

FREE Event - No RSVP or Tickets Required!

Official Website: http://www.lbl.gov/friendsofscience/

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