Arch 7, Deansgate Locks, Whitworth Street
Manchester, England M1 5LH

This month we have the talk that was meant to be on in January by Rob Mortimer on POG (PHP Object Generator). Rob coded PHP full time for a year in the 90's when PHP 3 was cool and scripts started at the top and ended at the bottom. Since then he has made a move to a sys-admin roll where he continued to use PHP to deliver data capture and other applications for the business using PHP. His skills changed little for 8 years as PHP was no longer core to his job, but eventually the time came when he needed to up skill and that was when he found POG.

POG is the PHP Object Generator. It is not a framework but a web application that delivers ready baked objects for you to customise and use. It is a light and easy way to dip your toe into OOP and get real

PHPNW (PHP North West) is a group focussing on the PHP web development language in the North-of-England.

Where: Revolution, Arch 7, Deansgate Lock, Whitworth Street, Manchester,
M1 5LH [1] (Normally in the lounge at the back on the entrance level)
When: 7pm Tuesday 2nd March 2010
What: The Joy of POG - Rob Mortimer

Come along, grab a drink and join in :)

We have our meetings at Revolution on the first Tuesday of each month. The venue has free WiFi and serves food 'til 9pm.


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