Arch 9 & 10 Deansgate Locks
Manchester, England M1 5L

Following on from our talk on PHPUnit last month, this month as part of our back to basics series we have Lorna Mitchell talking on Object Oriented Programming in PHP. This session is a fast tour of the many features of OOP in PHP, complete with code examples. We'll walk through all the theory of classes and objects, how to declare and use them and move on through inheritance and how to design object hierarchies. We'll use interfaces, look at identifying and working with objects and how to manage the visibility of properties and methods. Finally we'll examine the magic methods that are available and are available and how we use those in PHP, and how abstract classes can be useful within applications.

PHPNW (PHP North West) is a group focussing on the PHP web development language in the North-of-England.

Where: Pitcher & Piano, Arch 9 & 10, Deansgate Locks, Whitworth Street, Manchester, M1 5LH [1] (Upstairs)
When: 7pm Tuesday 5th April 2011
What: Object Oriented Programming in PHP - Lorna Mitchell

Come along, grab a drink and join in :)

We have our meetings on the first Tuesday of each month. The venue has free WiFi and serves food 'til 9pm.


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